March 2017 RGS News

Hiring Door-Knockers (Canvassers)

  • Place ads to acquire students throughout February and March at local high schools, colleges, universities.
  • Interview applicants based on friendly and outgoing attitude, professional appearance, good verbal skills.
  • Offer 3 hours a day – 7 days a week (4 to 7pm – Monday to Friday; 10am to 1pm Saturday; 11am to 1pm Sunday).
  • Suggested compensation – $7.00 per lead (leads to be verified by Sales staff).
  • Expectation = approximately 3 leads per hour ($21/hr) plus incentives.


  • One door-knocker covers 25-35 homes per hour – 100 in a three hour period.
  • Plan and map priority neighborhood areas. Block areas off once covered.
  • Plan for over 500 homes per shift – 3500 in a week.
  • 50% of the people home and four homes in 50 will be agreeable to a free estimate (8% response rate). That’s 2.4 leads per hour.
  • Expect over 33% to close.
  • Of the 50% not home; expect less than 1% to call back from door hanger (.0075) – even with an exceptional offer.

offers_march_doorhangersTechnique Suggested

  • The door-knocker must be friendly and professional in appearance.
  • Hours worked are best experimented with locally as to when people are home and receptive. We suggest 3 hour shifts, seven days a week, with 4 PM to 7 PM during the week and 10 AM to 1 PM on Saturdays and 11 AM to 2 PM on Sundays.
  • Meet at your place of business or get picked-up on route to the neighborhood site.
  • One student works each side of street – three teams, 6 door-knockers (have minimum two reserves, in case of no-shows).

Challenge teams with goals.

  • Students fill out a door hanger, with price per app and price for aeration (special introductory offer).
  • A brochure is also provided which speaks to the ‘Brand,’ the list of services and programs, and the guarantee.
  • Students knock on the door, tell who they are and whom they represent. Power statement is provided which gives Brand differentiation. They then ask if the homeowner would like a free lawn analysis and quotation for improvement.
  • If no, they leave door-hanger, and suggest they can reconsider and call back at any time).
  • If yes, leave the brochure and have qualified sales person stop by within the hour.

Forecasted Results Based on Assumptions:

  • (9 Person Crew, Supervisor 6 Door Knockers & 2 Sales People)
  • 6 Door-Knockers @ 2.4 leads per hour; 7.2 per shift (43/day)
  • 43 leads closing at 33% = 14 sales /day; 100 per week
  • 3600 leads; 1,200 sales
  • Average sale value, $250.00
  • Annual revenue $300,000.00 Campaign C

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